documented food safety AND QUALITY

Some certifications are based on a specific legal requirement, while others are for satisfying customer demands. Regardless of the motive, DanRoots sees certification as a valuable tool for optimizing processes and ensuring food quality.

IFS is an international food certification, which is slightly more acknowledged than other certificates, and it has a very positive impact on the entire quality work in the company.

The IFS certificate proves that DanRoots is able to:

  • Provide evidence of employee engagement throughout the company.
  • Build and operate a management system that focuses on requirements for maintaining food quality/safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Provide a tool for improving food safety performance and means to effectively monitor and measure food safety performance.
  • Promote product waste reduction, product reprocessing and product recall.

Download certificates:

All current certificates can be downloaded here.

Click on the green button – depending on which certificate you need.

IFS Food

Every year, DanRoots renews its certificate by an external audit. This takes place in 2 days, where the company must document that food quality work is a high priority and that all employees are trained.

The IFS certificate check focuses mainly on:

* Corporate liability
* Quality management
* Traceability
* Human resources management
* Manufacturing processes
* Check procedures
* Analyze and suggest improvements

more Ecology

During time, the number of hectares in the organic production has expanded. DanRoots sees organic production as a way of working with nature rather than against nature. Organic farming is characterized by greater biodiversity and less use of pesticides.

You can be sure that no synthetic pesticides are used growing organic root vegetables. This means that organic agricultural production only uses nature’s own mechanisms to protect plants from disease and infestation, but also to protect animals and plants around the fields.

According to The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s pesticide report on average, pesticide residues are found in more than half of non-organic fruits and vegetables. No one knows for sure how pesticides affect our health.


We always recommend that root vegetables are washed well before cooking to avoid soil bacteria in the kitchen.