Organic beets

At DanRoots they grow Danish organic beets – an assortment that includes classic red beetroots and various colorful beets in shades of yellow and red.

The beets at DanRoots are harvested during the fall before winter arrives. The beets are stored in the field, where they are covered with straw and plastic to keep them fresh during the winter, until daily quantities are brought out for customers.

Beets, like other root vegetables, are full of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Colorful vegetables are generally high in phytochemicals, and beetroots are also rich in folate, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Beets have a beautiful color, a firm texture and a sweet taste that makes them suitable for many dishes in both savory and sweet cuisine. Beets can be cooked, baked, pickled or used raw in salads, for example.



September – April


In the fridge’s drawer for vegetables.

The assortment of beets

  • Classic long beetroots
  • Round beetroots
  • Colored beet mix

Colored organic beets

The colored beets are mixed red striped candy beets and yellow beets. Colored beets have a sweet taste and they are beautiful for use in salads.

The colored beets are very similar in taste to regular beets, but the yellow beets are even sweeter. Use colored beets as regular beets: baked, boiled or raw in salads. It can be delicious to slice them very thin on a mandoline and toss them with, for example, citrus juice before adding them to seasonal salads.


Many applications

Beets can be boiled, baked, roasted and used raw. They have a beautiful color and a sweetness that makes them ideal for both savory and sweet cuisine.

Baked beets, in seasonal salads, are particularly delicious and the beets are suitable as a side dish for most dishes.

In addition, beets are great in baked goods such as buns, where they provide the most beautiful color and keep the bread moist. Try a moist beetroot chocolate cake – it’s delicious!

We always recommend that root vegetables are washed well before cooking to avoid soil bacteria in the kitchen.