About Danroots

a family-run nursery in beautiful natural surroundings

The nursery dates back to 1955, when it was called Tange Frilandsgartneri. Today, the company has grown and now exports a considerable amount of the Danish-produced vegetables. The success in the export market helped form the basis for a name change and in 2017, Tange Frilandsgartneri was renamed DanRoots A/S.

Despite the name change, the location is still the same: by Tange Lake in beautiful natural surroundings. All of the company’s activities are gathered in one place, so that the field department, production and administration can communicate easily with each other and sustain a strong company with focus on development.

From a small company focusing on carrots and Chinese cabbage, the company has evolved into a large root manufacturer that, in addition to root vegetables, also supplies with slightly processed convenience products.

The owner of DanRoots is Klaus Vestergaard, who is 3rd generation. Klaus’ son, Peter Vestergaard, is 4th generation, and will take over the company responsibility when time comes. Until the change in generation, the family members complement each other with their skills that strengthen the company.

During the years, DanRoots has achieved much expertise and knowledge, and the company continues to develop due to focus on product development, innovation, sustainability and employee engagement.





DanRoots focuses on ecology

In 1995, DanRoots launched the first organic carrots. Since then, all root vegetables (parsnips, parsley roots, potatoes, beets) have been converted to organic production. Only the classic orange carrots are grown both organically and conventionally.

Today, all cultivation is executed with care for the environment, and there is a great focus on food safety, control and traceability. During the years, the company has achieved several international certifications for fruit and vegetables, including IFS, GLOBALGAP and GRASP.

Watch the video here to hear the story behind organic production.
Movie about Organic Foods

PART of Gasa Nord Grønt

DanRoots, along with other cooperative members, is part of Gasa Nord Grønt (GNG).

Gasa Nord Grønt plays a major role in customer collaborations and profiling Danish vegetables, fruit and berries. Gasa Nord Grønt has a strong team with a wide range of skills that can benefit all collaborations. Day-to-day sales are managed and led by Gasa Nord Grønt in close collaboration with DanRoots.

Gasa Nord Grønt has strong alliances in both the Danish market and in selected export markets.

We always recommend that root vegetables are washed well before cooking to avoid soil bacteria in the kitchen.