Danish roots of high quality


Since 1955, DanRoots has been producing healthy Danish root vegetables. Today, the company is lead by Klaus Vestergaard, who is 3rd generation. Peter Vestergaard, is 4th generation at DanRoots, and he will take over the responsibility of the company, when time comes.

DanRoots is known for growing a wide range of root vegetables. The assortment consists of carrots, parsnips, parsley roots, beets and potatoes. All products are Danish and organic; only the carrots are also grown conventionally.

In addition to the range of root vegetables produced, DanRoots also specializes in convenience products as peeled and sliced carrots.

we care about sustainability

food safety is just as important as good quality

International Food Standard

A food certification is not just a piece of paper that is renewed every year – according to DanRoots, an IFS certification is also a management tool that involves the entire organization.

IFS certification ensures constant development and guarantees that high quality requirements and procedures are delivered. DanRoots has been certified since 2019, and since then the company has developed towards creating more value for both partners and end users.

The certificate can be downloaded in the “Certifications” section

We always recommend that root vegetables are washed well before cooking to avoid soil bacteria in the kitchen.

Vores jord – din køkkenhave

Vores jord – din køkkenhave is a platform for Danish family-run nurseries that grow sustainable vegetables, fruit and berries. The site contains a lot of delicious recipes for healthy easy meals. Root vegetables can be used in many different ways and with a little seasoning and new combinations, many exciting dishes can be served.

What root vegetables have in common is that they are all healthy and tasty. If you need inspiration, click through to the website below.