Organic parsnips

Organic parsnips are sweet with a nutty flavor and a coarse texture, suitable for a variety of dishes.

Parsnips have a long season. Before winter arrives, the fields are covered with a thick layer of straw to insulate and protect the soil from freezing and ruining the parsnips.

When parsnips remain in the soil throughout the season, they retain their freshness. DanRoots has a special setup, being able to harvest in all kinds of weather, and despite snow and frost, fresh produce can be delivered.

Parsnips are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in potassium, which contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure and muscle function.

Parsnips can easily be confused with parsley roots – but if you’re unsure whether it’s parsnips or parsley roots, here’s an easy rule. The parsnip is usually larger than the parsley root, and it is cone-shaped with a thick root head, much similar to a carrot. Parsley roots are typically slimmer and longer with a pointy end and more stems growing from the top. 



September – April


In the fridge’s crisper drawer.

How to cook

Parsnips have a sweet flavour and texture that makes them suitable for several cooking methods. They can be fried, used in stews, baked in the oven until tender or used in mashed potatoes. They can also be grated and used in raw salads or coleslaw.

We especially love using delicious baked parsnips in salads, where they contribute flavor and texture.

We always recommend that root vegetables are washed well before cooking to avoid soil bacteria in the kitchen.