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We have been growing root vegetables at DanRoots since 1955. Today our range includes an exciting selection of carrots, parsnips, parsley root, Jerusalem artichokes and beetroot.

The current owner, Klaus Vestergaard represents the 3rd generation on the farm and the 4th generation will take over when the time comes.

The farm has a stunning setting close to Lake Tange.

In recent years, DanRoots has been focusing on organic farming. This means that the organic production has expanded considerably, and today all  root vegetables (parsnips, beetroots, and parsley roots) can be marked “ORGANIC”. At the beginning of the season DanRoots will also provide conventional roots as they grow faster compared with the organic ones.

Carrots, our main root,  is grown both conventional and organic for those customers  who wish to have both varieties in the range.

That means that today all our cultivation is conducted with careful consideration for the environment, paying close attention to food safety, control and traceability. As a result, all our products have been awarded the international certification for fruit and vegetables, GLOBALGAP.

DanRoots supplies vegetables to several leading supermarket chains in Denmark. The company also exports a large portion of its products and is a major operator on the European market.